In search of that elusive winner!


In search of that elusive winner!

The hay was saved without rain, the Single Farm Payment is in the Bank, the little shop turned over a few quid more than previous years, orders are up, the job is a little more secure and Enda tells the Troika that we don’t need them anymore, I’m picking up good vibrations here and my thoughts shift towards looking for and finding that elusive winner!!

Yes 2014 could be the year that I will secure that horse which will win a race, any race for me.

I’m not in the least bit fussy, I don’t care whether I owe 4 legs of it, 1 leg of it, its off fore, its right ear or a hair in its tail, I just want to say that, that horse, no I need to be more specific, that winner, is mine.

Over the coming weeks and months I am going to look at the options that are offered to you, me and all of us in this task. I will visit the Sales Rings, speak to Bloodstock Agents, I will look at the Syndicate option, talk to Owner/Breeders, scrutinise the veterinary surgeons views, ask a trainer or two what they like to see in a horse, will it be a flat or a national hunt horse, what sire or dam line to pick from and look at the costs involved.

In the meantime let ‘s list a few options of where we can pick up a potential race horse or at least have a look at one or two very soon.

Arqana, Brightwells, Doncaster Bloodstock Sales, Goffs, Goresbridge, Tattersalls Ireland and UK are all scheduled to hold public auctions this year in Ireland, Britain and France with an entire mixture of stock on offer. In addition to this, new options of horse ownership have been developed with leases and syndication becoming increasingly popular such as Realta Horseracing , while we should never forget the option of buying privately, from the classified advertisements or out of the field!

New technologies are being utilised to find new ways of buying or selling with custom built websites for example now in operation.

So, what’s next? Stay tuned and we will see where this elusive trip brings us.


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