Lets get some advice on finding that winning racehorse.


So I’ve decided that I want to own a horse, not any old pie bald or plough horse but a racehorse, a real live racehorse. But not only that its got to be a winner, not necessarily of the Aintree Grand National nor of the Irish Derby ,at this stage at least, but a winner in 2014.

It makes no difference to me where it wins or what it wins, it just has to win.The Trinidad and Tobago Selling Plate will do, but its just got to win!!

So that sounds and seems simple enough to me, but always knowing my own limitations I decided to reach out to the Irish racing authorities here in Ireland for guidance.

How would I contact them? Should I ring up and make an appointment? Will I wait to bump into one of the Horse Racing Ireland crew at the races?How would I know them if I did bump into one of them? Will I give the Horse Racing Ireland CEO Brian Kavanagh a call ?

In the end I decided to use the technology that we are now on and set about finding the information that exists on the good old world wide web.

So clicking on to Google I decided to search for race horse ownership!

Ignoring the first couple of advertised entries I saw goracing.ie and decided to have a quick look and see.

Horse Racing Ireland have a nice simple guide to racehorse ownership so I printed it off, I know I’m a little old fashioned that way but sometimes I need to hold paper in my hands and read the words!

There was a nice message from Brian Kavanagh of Horse Racing Ireland. I’m sure he would have been too busy to take my call in person , but his message does offer “every assistance” from the racehorse ownership manager in Irish Thoroughbred Marketing or any member of the registrations team. I told myself to note this offer and to use it at a future date in this search for that elusive winner.

Brian worried me a little by stating that “we can not guarantee success on the track” but surely a winner cant be that difficult to source! But I insist on reading on.

The welcome page is much more positive, “win at the highest level” is mentioned, “winners” “celebrated race courses” are referred to syndicates dont just compete “they now win ” They tell me that racehorse ownership “is no longer the unattainable preserve of the wealthy few” Yes this is much more like it , I’m only on page four of the guide and I’m hearing what I want to hear.

The last paragraph of the page tries to row back my enthusiasm. They link a thread together “of ups and downs, the expenses and realities, with thrilling possibilities” Hmmm maybe Brian has a point!

I run on through Getting Started, Selecting a Trainer, my eye falls onto the possible budget figures from €15,000 to €20,000 per horse, per year!!!!! Its not a mortgage as you are not tied in for 25 or 30 years but its a fairly hefty sum out of one pretty shallow and fairly empty little pocket!

But I’m not frightened, a little dazed perhaps, but I stay with it!

Training agreements are looked at ,Trainers locations are mentioned, their duties, entries, jockey bookings!

My mind is now racing onwards, I’m at Tramore, no its Gowran Park, Ruby is coming over to talk to me, we are introduced, he is slighter in person when you stand into him, I listen to the trainers instructions, I wish him well and then I snap out of my dream and continue reading , naming applications, that could be fun, owner /trainer communications, that could even be more fun! and then the word balloting pops up, another note is made to find out more about this.

The guide continues with thoughts on acquiring a racehorse, the type of ownership that might suit me, we are up to page 12 and we are back to Money Matters, with outlines of prize money, racing charges and cost if ownership.

The last statement on this page reads “The words horse and investment should not be associated in the same statement. Like any hobby, racehorse ownership should not be considered a profit making exercise”

Well thats me fairly well told, no guaranteed winner and its going to cost me!!!

Till the next time in search of that elusive winner.


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