King was a star but that horse cannot be allowed run again!

Johnny King is some man!

Racing got wall to wall coverage this week with some extraordinary photos taken by Healy Photography at Laytown Races.

With that meeting having been restricted some years ago with only 6 and 7 furlong races now allowed a beautiful summers evening saw young amateur jockey Johnny King as the star turn.

With a very fractious horse misbehaving on the way to the start King showed all the dexterity to be briefly unseated , remount, remain uninjured and finish the race.

It pretty much puts into focus the danger that these young men and women have to encounter and while King was the star, his mount Arbitrageur was the villain.

From reports afterwards this is not the first time that the Donal Kinsella owned and trained horse has misbehaved.

Surely the time has come to ban the horse from racing? Fabulous pictures that they were and brave as King is it could easily have been tragic.

Surely Mr Kinsella you wont enter the horse again? And if you do surely the racing authorities wont allow the horse to race again?

Watch this space!



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