The Turf Club must act on the Philip Fenton affair!

So the Courts have ruled, Fenton is guilty, an appeal is on the horizon and the Irish Turf Club is to do exactly what?

After months of mischief, misinformation ,ducking and diving , the case that has brought the probity and some would say honesty of Irish racing into question reach another station along the line.

With a guilty verdict and a fine Philip Fenton’s career in racing should be over.

Steroid use in the horse racing world really is a no no and a policy of zero tolerance has to be implemented.

Unfortunately its not over… and the Department of Agriculture has no remit in the issuing of licences to horse trainers with the Irish Turf Club seemingly powerless to revoque or refuse one where an ongoing case is in progress in the event of an appeal.

But in all truth its time to call a halt to this.

Irish racing and the wider horse industry is going to be the loser here if Philip Fenton continues to hold a licence.

So what can be done? In the event of Fenton himself not taking the honourable decision and hand in his licence, the Turf Club has to be brave and ACT.

I know , I know they say they don’t have the powers but they have push this beyond current legal advice , revoque his licence and let him take them to court if he wishes. It is worth the risk and the expense to push this as far as the Turf Club can, they have to act to try and protect racing.

They just cannot sit back and do nothing!



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