At 31 its Istabraq.

The final choice at 31 is the one and only Istabraq.

This wonderful hurdler was voted as one of the top horses in the past 25 years.

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20171031-123539- p.m.45339456.jpg

20171031-123541- p.m.45341268.jpg

Its a Steel at 30.

Our number 30 comes in as Flashing Steel.

Owned by Charles Haughey, this classy gelding took the ultimate Irish chasing prize, the Irish Grand National.

Do you remember him?

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20171030-40935- p.m.58175195.jpg

The Orchid makes 29.

The galloping grey that made Kempton Park his own, Desert Orchid comes in at 29.

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20171029-112220- a.m.40940545.jpg

At 28 we have Crisp as our memory.

Throw your minds back to the 1970’s and see if you can recall that fabulous chaser , Crisp.

A Kiwi bred horse that lives on , for many, for the race he didn’t win!

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20171028-14440- p.m.49480280.jpg

20171028-14439- p.m.49479889.jpg

Call at 27.

Coming in at 27 we have Imperial Call.

Do you remember him? What did he win? Who bred him? Who trained him?

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20171027-30457- p.m.54297063.jpg

At 26 Brave is as Brave does.

Brave Inca might well be the best national hunt racehorse to come out of Wexford.

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20171026-40617- p.m.57977618.jpg

Sagaro is todays choice at 25.

Well , do you remember this horse?

Sagaro was one of the best stayers in Europe in the 20th century. Racing in France and Britain he captured all of the best stayers races.

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20171025-24938- p.m.53378467.jpg

Westminster’s Ten Up is at 24.

Ten Up carried the famous Arkle silks to victory at Cheltenham.

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20171024-30723- p.m.54443325.jpg

20171024-30723- p.m.54443501.jpg

Danoli more than deserves a mention, we have him at 23.

Danoli and his trainer, Tom Foley, will live long in the memory of all national hunt enthusiasts.

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20171023-83303- p.m.73983797.jpg

Levmoss cannot be forgotten at number 22.

Just how many have tried and failed to emulate this fantastic racehorse?

Winning an Arc and an Ascot Gold Cup, he still stands out as one of the finest horses of the 20th Century.

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20171022-100311- a.m.36191602.jpg

20171022-100327- a.m.36207095.jpg